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Dec 4, 2012 6:00pm PST
with the spokesman for i.c.e. said: "the federal government alone sets these priorities and places detainers to ensure that dangerous criminal aliens are not released from prisons and jails into our communities." in california, i.c.e. has deported 82,000 illegal immigrants under s-com. a spokesman says three-quarters had already been removed before and didn't elaborate on the attorney general's decision today. 62,000 of those had convictions but they were trivial and some were detained for running stop signs or a broken taillight. >> i'm wondering if money plays into this at all. >> well, right now the way it stands is that if a local municipality holds someone for 48 hours, the feds don't reimburse them the money so the local people are the ones footing the bill for i.c.e. at this point. >> all right. thank you. >>> mini spy planes could soon what patrol the skies over alameda county. the sheriff's office says it needs the remote-controlled drones for emergencies and deputy safety. but cbs 5 reporter ann notarangelo says activists are worried big brother is on board. >> reporter: the alamed
Dec 7, 2012 6:00pm PST
. the government says the storm played only a minimal role as the economy added 150,000 jobs. the unemployment rate fell to 7.7%, and that is a .2% drop. but those numbers were helped by people who stopped look for work and were not counted as unemployed. >>> on wall street, the dow is up 81 points. the s&p 500 edged up four. however, the nasdaq dropped 11 points. >>> the edge of the fiscal cliff is fast approaching. only 25 days away and going over it threatens to ruin the holidays for millions of americans. cbs reporter danielle nottingham says republicans are waiting for the president to make the next move. >> vice president joe biden at lunch with middle class americans who will take a $2,000 hit if their tax cuts expire at the end of the year. >> this is no time to add any additional burden. >> while the white house is pushing congress to renew middle class tax cuts, the president says he won't take any deal that extends tax cuts for the wealthiest americans. honor of the pearl harbor ak this is the only night of te year the beacon will shine. hared their fi >> it would take 15 minutes by the
Dec 10, 2012 6:00pm PST
by the federal government. >> if you found out you had to pay a little bit of money are you okay with that? >> yeah. we can all chip in. you don't want to hand them out things, empower them or not do anything. >> the original intent of this program was to make sure people in rural or low-income areas would still have access to land lines. obviously that has changed with the times. this program, assurance says they are going to work out the logistics and hope to start sending out the basic cell phones to eligible in just a couple weeks. liz. >> great lakes thank you. >>> a corporate sell out. why the new updated system is getting a collective thumb's down. >>> boats abandoned for decades now facing eviction. why one bay area city is fighting to keep a piece of the past. >> reporter: these guys were blue as a swimmer's lips today. the bill chill headed toward the bay area after we pay a bill or two. stay tuned. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, the new logo, has gathered e >>> the new uc logo is getting a big thumb's double it has gathered more than 39 thundershower signatures for the petition. ed a min stray
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3